Standing On the Word Ministries

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Who We Are

Rod Harvey 

is a man of God, a well known individual in the community, an outstanding father, an obedient son, and the founder and CEO of Standing On the Word Ministries.  Rod is an author, public speaker, and minister. Rod's visionary leadership has provoked phenomenal growth and will soon implement many innovative programs in both his local church, the international church, and the local community. 


D'Angelo D. Harvey 

is the co-founder & President of Standing On the Word Ministries, the son of Rodney Harvey & Sharon Myers, a leader in the community, and a role model to all the youth everywhere.  D'Angelo is a young minister who grew up in the city of Brandon, MS. He grew into the roots of a baptist family. He was always surrounded by music whether if it was being at his grandfather's (Clarence Jefferson) concerts spectating or listening to his mother's (Sharon Myers) singing. Growing up around music, listening to artist such as Clark Sisters, Mississippi Mass, Donald Lawrence, and many more artist, caused him to be a great vocalist. 


Karen P. Boone

 (Director of SOW Ministries) always knew she’d be a community volunteer. Growing up in a politically aware, socially concerned family, she watched her parents play leading roles in the Head Start program and their church. “I had a thirst to become involved in the community, but I was ignorant about how to do it,” says Boone. Today, she volunteers on a dozen different boards and committees.

Boone is also the new director of the Institute for Neighborhood Leadership, based at the Northeast Community Center. “I’ve wanted to work in this sort of position ever since I was in high school,” she says.

But Boone admits life experiences since then have made her a better, more sensitive volunteer. “I couldn’t have done this after high school,” she says. “I grew up in the working class. I didn’t understand the issues of poverty, because I hadn’t seen or experienced it.”


S.O.W. Vision:

The vision for Standing on the Word Ministries are to assist broken individuals in becoming whole again, partner with local churches and schools to facilitate programs and events to benefit individuals in the community, open a full service homeless shelter that will serve its clients with no strings attached, and open a for-profit organization to provide careers to local citizens/students.

We intend to serve the less fortunate individuals and homeless individuals, low income families, middle class families, addicts, and troubled youth. We will provide food and shelter to the homeless; life coaching, counseling, and educational programs to all who are willing; drug and alcohol counseling to those willing to change their lives; career focus classes and job corps training; safe alternatives and mentorship for troubled youth.

We plan to finance our operations primarily on grants. We will secondarily depend on sponsors, fundraising, and personal finances. We will collaborate with other organizations that promote similar causes or serve the same clients. We will collaborate with “Bethely Entertainment” to promote life skills/coaching. We will collaborate with “Teen Challenge” for addiction purposes. We will collaborate with “4Christ Movement” to facilitate religious events and community building.

The inimitable feature about us is our personal experience with each of life’s circumstances and how we have overcome. We obtain a religious background and are family oriented. Lastly we possess the ability to serve without any limits.

Why Us?

Welcome to Standing On the Word Ministries, where we place an emphasis on faith and family. God is doing great things with the fellowship of believers! We want you to be able to share in the blessings. The staff and members are excited about the future of our community/nation/world. We invite you to tap into the kingdom building with us - allow SOW Ministries to become your home of encouragement and inspiration. This is a place for you and your family!