Standing On the Word Ministries

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"God has put everybody you need in your life in order to be everything He's called you to be"

Welcome to the official website of Standing On the Word Ministries. We exist for the purpose of worshipping and glorifying God and making disciples through evangelism, education, and edification.  The bible teaches in Psalm 100 and Isaiah 43, that we were created by Him and called by His name for the purpose of worshipping and glorifying God.   We're glad you came to join us and our ministry today, we hope that you will feel God's love. Not just feel God's love, but feel it in a new, refreshing way!!!

******Mission Statement******

Standing on the Word Ministries is a local religious non-profit organization founded to benefit the lives of individuals in the community. We work towards four goals:

  • Assisting broken individuals in becoming whole again
  • Facilitating community programs/events to benefit others
  • Serving, feeding, and housing the homeless
  • Mentoring the youth, because they are the future

For you're so welcomed here and we hope you'll come again, to join with us in kingdom building and to learn something that you did not know before. 
Plain and simple: Have a great now, refuse to have it any other way. Know that you are loved, NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!!

Chuck D (Public Enemy) & I share the stage!!

Standing On the Rock
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