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The Coldest Season Ever


"The COLDEST Season Ever!!"

It's a DIFFERENT kind of book. A three part series written by Vino Davis to release the PAIN!!.

Karen Boone said write it all down..all the pain, all the suffering, all you have been through and then discard it.

Yet my Brother John Collins said, write it down...tell the story...share the story..your testimonial will help someone else....God chose the man Rod Harvey {Vino Davis} for such a time as this... Tell the story so that others can be helped through whatever you're going through..and in the end you shall be like Him~ God Bless~

My brother Jerome Gilbert said: "Be sure to invest your pain. Don't waste it. Invest it wisely in your own growth and in the growth of others."

The COLDEST season Ever!! is a FICTION..[yea Right] story about One man's LOVE for his wife, he loves her like Jacob loved Rachel..there is NO comparing of ANY man in the bible loving his wife the way Jacob loved Rachel it repeat at lease 10 time..Jacob loved Rachel! The only comparing is God's Love for us...that's how Vino loved his Wife.."The COLDEST season Ever!", like Christ loves the church. However in the middle of this love is, lies, deceit, games, infidelity,'s not only a love story, but a journey.. Vino Davis allows you into his mind and share his REAL thoughts and feelings..that most authors would not.

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